Center for Social Development Education Society is a Non Profit and Non Government Organization registered under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act. 1958 with its registered head office located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The organizaiton from its inception since 2012 has been working for the society in different areas by conducting Medical Camps, Blood Donation Camps, Anti Tobacco, AIDS Awareness and Plantation Programs. In addition the organization is generating awareness by running communication campaigns on current social issues such Save the Girl Child, Educate the Girl Child, Anti Dowry and many more. The organization is now onward very much concerned and focused on environmental issues such as Pollution, Global Warming, Overpopulation, Depletion of Natural Resources, Disposal of Waste, Change in Climate, Loss of Biodiversity, Deforestation, Water Pollution, Scarcity of Water and Public Health Issues are the result of bio degradation due to cutting of trees.

The activities being conducted by Center for Social Development Education Society are:-
Medical Camps : Center for Social Development Education Society has been conducting Medical Camps in association with various renowned hospitals including Narayana Multi-specialty Hospital Jaipur, Community Level Clinics and Individual Doctors of renowned hospitals. The objective of conducting medical camps is to provide free medical care and aid to poor, needy, downtrodden and undeserved people of the slums and communities. In the medical camps being conducted by Center for social development free medical diagnosis and free medicines are provided to the patients with the consultation of medical practitioners.
Blood Donation Camps: The blood donation camps are being organized by the Center for Social Development Education Society regularly to meet the rapidly growing requirements of Blood due to increased number of accidents happening every damn day, child births (deliveries), surgeries and many more chronic and serious diseases which require blood to cure. As in India we are able to meet only 65 to 70 blood requirements whereas it should be in surplus. As per the WHO report only 6% female donate blood as compared to 94% male blood donation. This much gender disparity in blood donation is due to under nourishment of female hence mother health also need attention in this regard.
Helping Poors & Needy People : Center for Social development Education Society in-line to meet the needs of undeserved, poor and downtrodden people of the slum areas, communities, orphanages and all which are deprived of basic needs of life such as clothes and food runs communication campaign toward collecting unused household goods from the house owners. The goods being collected includes Clothes and Shoes which may be need of these slum residents. After collecting the household material by visiting door to door with the help of its volunteers, Center for Social Development distribute this collected material among needy people.
Plantation Program: As we all are aware that life is not possible without existence of trees which give us oxygen to live and in-return absorb Carbon-dioxide. In today’s scenario due to overpopulation the demand of Food and habitation has increased immensely causing which the trees are being cut very badly which is the root cause of Eco-system imbalance. Considering the importance of trees in our life and bad impacts of cutting them, Center for social development Education Society runs plantation program in every rainy season with the help of its volunteers, Government, community level worker, Development Authorities and City Planners etc.

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